Friday, February 25, 2011

TGIF - Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ahhhhh *big sigh* It's finally Friday!

Last night I made cupcakes as a special Friday treat for everyone. Sent some to my Mom, sent one along with Rorie for her snack at school today. Baking is so relaxing... it was a nice end of the day wind down activity, and they turned out so cute! I remember when I was in grade school, someone's way cool parent would always make these for bake sales, and so I decided to whip some up. YUM!

I spy a Morris looking for dessert

Also, I snagged a couple of pictures of Rorie on her way out the door this morning. It's backwards day today at school, so she had all her clothes on backward, even her hair (though I put it off to the side a bit so she could still see where she was going haha).

Any relation to cousin It?

Plan to go for a walk today with Rorie after I grab her from the bus, maybe play some new boardgames too. We are even going to have a girlie sleep over tonight (in my room) since Ryan is having a friend over. Maybe even watch some more of the original Addams family. We love it! Should be an excellent Friday! Hope all of you lovelies have a good day! *squish*


thursday said...

oh my lord this post made me smile BIG! I remember backwards day at school. I don't know if I did it though. I was probably pretty scared I'd pee my pants because I couldn't get them undone in time ;P

Oddity:86 said...

Awww, I remember backwards day, for one week a year you would dress up, something different every day. There was backwards day, hat day, pajama day, school colors day, and one other that I can't remember. Mmm, those cupcakes look so yummy! :)

Rosie said...

omgoodness, how cute is rorie!!!!!!!
and you just made me hungry ;)
Rosie xo.

Elora said...

@ Thursday - Hehe yeah, I remember having backwards day. It was always fun, albeit a little tricky when it came to trips to the bathroom :P~

@ Odd - At Rorie's school they made it a weekly Friday thing. Each Friday was something else, jammie day, crazy hair/hat day, pink/red day, she had a blast. For 1 dollar (proceeds go toward the school's fundraiser for building a school in Africa), the students could participate. So, it was good stuff all around :D

@ Rosie - Thanks Rosie! hehe And mission accomplished :P~

Anonymous said...

These look so awesome! Nice job lady :D
P.s thankoo for adding my button <3

Elora said...

@ Button - Thankies :D And no problem!

blue eyed night owl said...

Wow, these are beautiful! I really love the colors you used.

Erin said...

Super cute!!!

allie said...

cutest cupcakes ever, seriously! and backwards day? i TOTALLY remember that. you are an awesome mom, i can't wait to read more after i get home from work. following you through GFC and HEYA new twitter friend too :D yay!

Elora said...

@ Night Owl - Hehe thanks so much :D I thought they might be ice cream appropriate, but they certainly had me craving bubblegum ice cream. Ahh, can't wait for summer!

@ Erin - Thank you! :D

@ Allie - Eee, thanks! You're too sweet. And awesome! I'll follow you back ^.^

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Elora said...


Anonymous said...

I've never tried that kind of cupcake before (baking in a cone seems intimidating to me for some reason!). I love the colors you used for the frosting, they look so yummy!


Elora said...

@ Sue - Thanks so much! They were yummy. I think you should definitely go for it! It's a lot easier than it looks. Just regular old cupcake batter, and instead of paper cups, you use the cones. I filled mine to about 2/3s of the way, and only had a couple that dripped over. :D

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