Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I'm going to try my hand at a weekly theme, and see how it works for me. So, welcome to my very first Thrifty Thursday. If I stick with it, each Thursday (ideally) I'll showcase something (or many things) that I've purchased at thrift/second-hand stores, garage sales, etc.

This week: Vintage Mira Fujita Print

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were looking around at Value Village. I usually linger at the front and work my way back slowly, but my boyfriend bee-lined to the back to check out the larger items. He came back to the front to find me carrying a huge 27x39x.5 inch board (he had the front to him). I watched him curiously as he then flipped it around in a *TADA* like motion, and my jaw dropped. It was gorgeous! I honestly had no clue who Mira Fujita was (and from what I can tell from my looking around on the interwebs, not a lot of people do), but I really loved the piece, and wanted it instantly. For it's age (1984), it only had minimal wear that I didn't mind at all. It was only $6 dollars!

After we brought it home, I cleaned it up, moved some things around, and hung it up.

For fun I decided to do a little research with the info: Mira Fujita - Charming Harlequin - printed in Germany (scan decor) 1984. Surprisingly there seems to be a shortage of information on this woman and her work, and on eBay anything Mira Fujita seems to go for quite a hefty sum, compared to the thrifty price I paid, because of how difficult it is to find her work.

So, needless to say, this was a great find, and I am more than happy to have this piece in my home. I love it! ♥

Have you ever picked up anything at a garage sale or local thrift shop, and found out after that it was worth much more than the nickles and dimes you paid? Share!


Rosie said...

wow, its really pretty!
i would definitely hang that on my wall!

Anonymous said...

Aww, you are super lucky to have this picture :) It looks really nice in your home <3

Elora said...

@ Rosie - Thanks :D It's definitely not for everyone, but I love it!

@ The Cookie Button - Thanks so much, it was a great find on my boyfriends part. ^,^

Oddity:86 said...

Wow, lucky find, it's beautiful! Hmmm... I never found anything this good, but one time at a little store in a farmers market I found two new Anna Sui nail polishes for 50 cents each, when I looked it up later they were going for $15 on-line. My tiny little score, lol :)

Elora said...

@ Oddity:86 - Ooo, that is a good find. Anna Sui for only $50 is a steal :D

Mundo Anime said...

I have this artwork =)

Ann Marie Ennis said...

Hey I'm from Dublin, Ireland. Love your blog! I found this same picture in my local charity shop and paid €8 for it which is approximately €12 dollars. I did some research too and was surprised at how little info there was available on this artist! she does really beautiful work. x

Amber Shehan said...

I had this poster on my wall as a child and I've missed it ever since! I've been trying to find a copy to have for years now...that's how I found your blog here. :)

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