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About Me

My name is Elora (Elle-or-uh). I live in a small city in Ontario (Canada). I'm a stay-at-home Mama of a beautiful little girl (with another little love muffin due April 20th). And my cat Morris, can't forget him... he wouldn't let me. I'm shacked up with a smarty pants named Ryan. I ♥ graphic design, makeup, photography, crafting, thrifting and anything else I pour myself into creatively.

♥ I'm a natural red head, but I often choose to spice things up a bit, whether I brighten my colour, or try something totally new. I get bored of my hair pretty quickly (as you can see above). Man, I can't wait to be able to dye my hair again, I've been dying for something bright!

♥ I've been making jewelry of different kinds for a few years now, and it's always been so much fun to me. I had planned on opening up an Etsy shop over a year ago, but never got around to it. So, I'm pretty excited that soon I'll be opening up shop, selling my handmade goodies, upcycled lovelies, and vintage thing-a-ma-jigs.

♥ I've also dabbled in graphic design for fun, and have made websites, logos, and other fun designs that I sell on Zazzle. Being creative is a staple in my life, so this has been an excellent outlet for me.

♥ My boyfriend and I have been together since I was 14 and he was 15, just after I started high school - nearly 8 years! :O Gosh, I love him.

Taken after school with his web cam - just after we started dating

Ryan and I - Halloween 2010

♥ We made Rorie, and she is definitely one of the best things to happen in my life. She is such an amazing little person in every way.

♥ I have a little brother named Lhiam, who is 6. He is such a happy little guy!

♥ I love love love to read! Finding a good book, and climbing into it for a couple of hours is something I thoroughly enjoy... in fact when I don't have something to read, I go through withdrawals. I would much rather pick up a good book, than watch tv any day.

♥ Over the years I have had a few different piercings. I've always been a fan of body mods, I think I can thank my Mom for that (she has always been way cool.) I've had my ear(pinna, lobe), eyebrow, nose on both sides, lip (lower middle, and side), madonna (or monroe), and the underside of my tongue. I currently just have the left side of my nose, right side of my lip, 3 holes in my left ear, 2 in the other. My lobes is gauged to 11/16, which I'll probably stay at for a while.

♥ I have 5 tattoos. A skull cupcake of my own design that I got for my 18th birthday (on my left ankle), and then a patchwork heart with a pink button the left side of my chest a week later. I also have a pinup roller derby girl on my right calf. I have three little stars (to symbolize Me, Ryan, and Rorie) on my right shoulder that my Mom did by hand with (all sterile!) a tattooing needle and black tattoo ink. My right forearm has a beautiful tattoo of my daughters foot, name and birth date, and my boyfriend has the match on his left. When we put our arms together, the two tattoos sort of become one with each of her feet together (but mine has rainbow hearts, and my boyfriend opted for none on his haha). I have plans of expanding my little chest tattoo into a half sleeve on my left arm, and covering up the tiny stars on my right shoulder with bigger ones and 4 this time (1 more for the little person soon to be in my life).

♥ I'm am a cat person. I've always had cats for as long as I could remember. Odd little story: When I lived with my Dad (mid teens) we moved into an apt, that we soon found out had a Mama and 3 little kittens living in a hole in the wall under our kitchen sink. Well, we kept them for a while, but eventually gave the 2 little boys away to some of my Dad's family, and kept the Mama and the baby girl (Misty). My Dad still has Misty, she was my first cat (all mine). I constantly alert my Mom of my devious plans of stealing her cat (Digger). Finally after a couple years of harassment and guilt trips, Ryan gave in and let me get a cat of my own. Morris is an awesome cat, and I don't think we could have adopted a better one. He was about 3 or 4 years old when we got him from the local Animal Shelter. His litter mate had been adopted, so he was all alone, and you could tell he was sad. (Fact: Whenever I've gone to the Animal Shelter, I've had to go to great lengths to not cry... I want to bring all of them home.) After some time with us in his new home, his personality really began to show. He was so kitten-like and fun! Super talkative (and I often catch myself talking back). Someday... I know I'll be getting another. Throughout my teen years, and even now I believe I'll end up being the crazy cat lady. The one with a billion cats, to love, and care for (not to be confused with the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons.. lol)

I would just like to clarify, I do like dogs, and all animals. Dogs are fun to play with outside, and all that jazz. I'm an animal lover for sure, I've just got a penchant for kitties. =^,^=

Morris joining Ryan and I for Scrabble...

♥ Oh! And I am a lefty. I do just about everything with both hands, but I mostly write with my left. I can write with my right, but the results look like the work of a kindergartner, unless I go really slow.

♥ I've only done a smidgen of traveling in my life, but I would love to do more! (When we can afford it, of course.) When I was 12, I drove (well, hung out in the back seat) from my home with my Mom and Step dad to New Brunswick to visit my Nanny (my great-grandmother). The drive was about 23 hours give or take. That trip was quite the experience. The Bay of Fundy was beautiful, the culture was exciting (even the local McDonalds had McCrabs, taking full advantage of the delicious local seafood - not that I tried much, what a wimp I was!) Even the movie theater had a roller coaster. It was fantastic! My Nanny is the cutest little old lady, and her baking is to die for. I wish very much that I could go back to New Brunswick sometime, maybe I'll have to hitch a ride with my Mom next time she goes.

I've also gone on a short drive to Grand Rapids (about 4-5 hours) to see a local roller derby match with my league (I founded, and was President of the league for about 1 1/2 years), which was very exciting.

I don't think I've really been anywhere else too far from my home, but I'm dreaming big! There are just so many places I would love to visit.

♥ I used to ride horses. I would clean the stalls, and feed them to get the privilege of riding (and being taught to ride). I rode a different horse one day because a friend of mine wanted to ride the horse I had been used to. The new horse flipped out and ran around the yard like crazy, and eventually took me through some pine trees and knocked me off. A branch hit me right in the neck and chest, I hung on briefly and then fell off. I walked home limping and crying all the way. I had avoided horses for years. I'm not afraid of horses, and have been around them in years since, but I do have a bit of anxiety about riding them. But this is definitely a story I can laugh about now.

♥ I'm a thrifty critter. This is definitely a love I've gotten from my Mom. She's always been a thrifty gal, and her home is full of beautiful antiques she's collected over the years from antique shops, garage sales and more. I've grown up with a real love for all of this. I used to ride around with my parents on the weekend to go "garaging", and always had a blast. I look forward to doing this with my kids in the future. I love to go shopping at the local Value Village and various other places. I love to save money (by spending?), and revel in the fabulous goodies I find on my trips. Clothing/furniture/decor you-name-it, are typically much more interesting than items you can find elsewhere.

♥ I've always been pretty clumsy and prone to accidents (bumps and bruises on my legs are a regular), but luckily never broken a bone. *knocks on wood*

♥ I love cooking and baking. Spending time in the kitchen can often be a pretty relaxing experience, and I enjoy trying new make new things. That being said, I may not be the most skilled cook, but I try my best, and thank my boyfriend and little girl for bearing with me. I'm always looking for fun and easy recipes to make for them, and sometimes they may not be so great, and sometimes they turn into something we enjoy eating regularly.

February 2011

♥ My apartment is decorated with Rorie's artwork, owls... and more owls, little vinyl records, vintage goodies, candles, flowers and pictures. It's definitely a fun space. My room, I've been going for a sea/pirate/sailor/vintage theme, which I think is coming together quite nicely, and I love it!

At first I thought I would have nothing to say about myself (you know that awkward feeling you sometimes get when you have to talk about yourself), but I think I did alright. Well... more than alright really, this post was like an information overload! haha

So, even if after that you have more questions, shoot! I'd love to hear them. Also, for added fun, why not tell me a bit about yourself, I'm sure you're just awesome.

Yes, this is my real signature, the heart was drawn by me as well! ♥


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Ee, thank you Rai! Very sweet :D

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