Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone has a super sweet day full of friends, family, love, smooches, and snuggles (single or taken, V-Day should be for everyone to be extra sweet and lovable)!

Yesterday Rorie and I made her Valentine's for her J/K class. I wrote the names of all the little people, and she wrote out her name. I was impressed, she was incredibly patient. Each classmate got 2 chocolate kisses and a heart shaped sucker. Ryan, Rorie and I then went to get groceries, picking up some goodies to make cupcakes. For fun, I quickly painted some hearts on our cheeks.

This time I didn't make them from scratch (which I am always so proud of when I do :P), but bought Betty Crocker cherry ones with whipped vanilla frosting, plus sprinkles.


I woke to a nice surprise this morning, what I thought of as my boyfriend being neglectful and ignoring me the last couple of days, was just him sneaking about putting together his own little V-Day surprise. Yay! I'm glad I didn't let my hormones get the better of me and get snippy. haha

We also bought Rorie some Valentine goodies that she opened before school this morning that she was super happy about.

Now tonight, my Mom will be having Rorie over for a visit (I'll be sending done a bunch of cupcakes and stuff for them) while Ryan and I go out on a date. We planned on go grab some chinese and spend the evening thrifting. Can't wait!


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