Sunday, March 6, 2011

A week in review!

Busy busy busy! The last week has kept me so much so, that I've not really had a moment to sit and write a post (though I've kept up the commenting and lurking at other blogs lol). And when I haven't been busy, I've been resting. Ahh yes, rest!

This week has been filled with cupcakes (no real big surprise here), family game time (we picked up some board games a couple of weeks ago, so we have been spending a lot of family time playing them), working on designs for my Zazzle shop, gymnastics, swimming, laundry and more.

Today we had a family breakfast with Ryan's parents and sisters at the local Sugar Shack. Yummy pancakes, sausage, taffy on snow (so sweet!), and baked beans. Rorie had a blast dancing around to the live band.

I'll share some pictures tomorrow, because Rorie is visiting her Grandparents this afternoon, and I plan on taking full advantage, and relaxing some more. hehe

Hope everyone has had a great week! *squishes*


Erin D said...

It's kinda nice to take a few days away from blogging to kinda relax. I do that every now and then and I feel more in the mood to blog. But maybe that's just me. :D

Glad you had a good week!

with a chance of said...

I've never heard of a Sugar Shake before but it sounds like a dream come true!!! It sounds like you've been having a great time.

Recently I've been on a crazy blogging kick. I'm trying to slow myself down but I can't seem to help it! I'm hoping my company gives me a well needed break! I always love lurking though ^_^

have a great week!!!

Elora said...

@ Erin - Nah! I'm sure that's gotta be something totally healthy to do. Wouldn't have anything to blog about if we spent all our time blogging :P~

@ Chance - It's fantastic, I'm actually mildly disappointed that I didn't bring my canon along. A lot of the other photos were sort of blurred, and I didn't even get a picture of the sign! *shakes fist at self* But yeah, the Sugar Shack was great. It's out in the middle of the bush, and they make maple syrup and things. It's wonderful :D

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