Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair Inspiration

One of the things I am looking forward most to doing again once I'm not pregnant anymore (besides the obvious spending time with my new little bundle of joy) is dyeing my hair. I get bored of my hair pretty quick, and so even just a touch of bright orange to my natural auburn hair is a good quick fix for me, that makes me feel shiny and sparkly and new.

But it has been so long! I've been wanting to dye my hair like nobody's business, and hoarding inspirational pictures for when the glorious time comes.

I have naturally curly hair, but it seems since dyeing my hair so much, I've lost a bit of my curl (and none of the frizz! bah) so, one thing I've thought (or fantasized) about is getting a perm to amp up my curls.

I also would love to try a mix of purple orange and blond high/low lights in my hair. Yum! (Just reverse the colours so red/orange is the main and blond and purple are the accents.)

Another thing I'd like to do again, is add a bit of pink to my hair. It would be simple and fun :D

Oh oh! And in the past I've gone yellow, with orange chunks, which I adored. But in future I'd like to try going all the way blond with pink and orange accents (or perhaps other colours too!)

*wipes drool from chin*

Which leads me to yummy fantastical all out rainbow hair!

I've collected these pictures over time, and so I don't remember where I got them. If you have a credit link, I'd be more than happy to add it!

Since my hair is curly and frizzy, totally rainbow hair is probably out of the question, unless I'm going for clown chic (maybe someday for fun *pout*). But some of the other hair colour ideas have practically gotten me drooling all over my keyboard.

If you could dye your hair any colour(s), what would it be? Share your hair inspiration! ♥


Rosie said...

oooh i would do so many things if i didnt have annoying, thick curly frizz on my head.
also if it wasnt so goddamn DARK that even when i bleach it for an hour it goes ginger rather than blonde!
i would have bright red hair.
BRIGHT red, like a postbox :D <333

Elora said...

@ Rosie - Hehe! I know what you mean about thick curly frizz, if I don't put mousse or gel or something in my hair it becomes it's own entity.

Ooo, red like that would be pretty :D I bet it would be easy and look good if you did dye it bright red with ginger bleached hair ^,^ You think it would turn out?

Rai said...

I have been... most colours under the sun! I would like to try yellow though. Not blonde, bright bright yellow. It would be amazing. xx

Erin D said...

I'm the same way with hair, I just want to colour it all the time :/ ! When I was pregnant I was counting the days until I could colour it again!

Anonymous said...

Eee, so many pretty colours!
Have rainbow hair :)

Elora said...

@ Rai - Ohh, I loved being yellow! It made me feel vibrant and wonderful :D I'd love to see you try it!

@ Erin - I know... it feels like it's been forever since I've tried something new. 2 more months! :D hehe

@ Button - Ooo, I just might! It looks super hard to do, so I'll have to get my bf to play hair dresser with me, but I bet it will be fun to try, even if just once. ^.^

Oddity:86 said...

I love the color blend in the second pic! I've died my hair "cupcake pink" and "atomic red" and I miss it. But I'm trying to grow my hair real long so I've been fighting the urge to bleach. I would love to do aquamarine highlights. :)

Elora said...

@ Oddity:86 - Ooo, aquamarine highlights would be sooo pretty! Be sure to share pics if you do :D

Cat said...

I love the one of the girl with the lipring looking right at the camera! Funky fun colors! I've had pink streaks in mine before and purple hidden underneath, that was fun. I think you may have inspired me in the hair department!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

The rainbow hair is so cool! I've had mine dyed red for about a year (I'm naturally a brunette), and I still love it. We'll see how long it takes until I get sick of it!

Elora said...

@ Cat - I know me too! Really fun colours :D Oo, pink streaks with purple underneath sounds really fun! I bet it looked great!

@ Alli - *sighs* rainbow hair <3 I really do love your red hair, and it actually looks natural, you pull it off well :D

la mì said...

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Anonymous said...

Eee I have rainbow hair and it's sad but i'm forever looking at it *>_<* I put it in pigtails so it looks all awesome mixed. Go for it!

Elora said...

@ sherixfirefly - Ahh awesome :D I bet it looks amazing!

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