Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cheap and Cheerful

Yay! I have been loving the March Break. We have been busy busy over here getting everything ready the baby. My birthday is on April 8th, baby is due April 20th, and then Rorie's 5th birthday is on May 3rd. So, needless to say, there is lots going on.

I have lots of stuff to blog about! New bike (PINK!), ordered goodies, and more!

But I'm cheap (and oh so cheerful)! So, I'll be posting some nice meaty posts after the break! *waggles finger in a teasing fashion*

Oh oh! Also, I was the lucky recipient of the Stylish Blogger Award over at Oddity:86's Blog. I'll definitely pass this on, soon! hehe Thanks so much doll!


Rosie said...

excited for the new bike! :DD
Rosie xo

Erin Dawn said...

New baby and a new bike! I took mine out for a spin on if only this weather would clear up! Do you have a little pull-trailer to haul the kids in for your bike? We're thinking of getting one soon....

kate louise. said...

Wow, just stumbled across your blog. Think it may be my new favourite. <3 x

Erin Dawn said...

ELORA! It's been ages, but I'm guessing you had your baby by now? Hope everything's well!!! <3

eef said...

Hey, are you okay? Just checking in!

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