Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sick, Cupcakes, Exorcist Cat

My boyfriend has been sick for the past week or so, and now it seems I am coming down with something. Headaches, sleepiness, sore throat, stuffy nose, the horror! It's been a while since I've been sick though, maybe thanks to being pregnant? But now I feel like death warmed over.

Anywhoo! Last week Rorie and I had a blast making cupcakes. She chose the colours, and was the official cupcake decorator. She iced many of the cupcakes, and dumped tiny fistfuls of sprinkles on all the cupcakes. Yummy sprinkles :D Some of the cupcakes even have multiple colours of icing. All of the icing and sprinkles everywhere totally reminded me of Peter Pan adaptation "Hook" with Robin Williams, where they all imagine food, and it's all fantastical colours, and then have a massive food fight (throw some my way will yah?).

I used to dream of what all of those colours could taste like when I was little! *sighs nostalgically*

Also, something I was marveling over during family game night last week. Cats are insanely flexible. I mean... it's not like I didn't know before this, but when I see my cat practically pulling an exorcist, it blows my mind. Sadly I didn't quite get my camera out in time, so Morris moved slightly because of all my commotion, and the picture doesn't do him justice. But still, wowowow! haha

I am definitely going to be keeping my eyes peeled for anymore ninja cat moves >.>


with a chance of said...

Hook is one of my all time favorite movies!!! Those cupcakes look soooo yummy. I wish I could bake. I've been wanting to back with Aurora for a while, but I'm terrible. Not because of her, because of me lol.

Oddity:86 said...

Cute, fluffy cat! He reminds me of my moms cat, except Dinks is missing an eye.

I hope you feel better real soon! :)

Hannah said...

those cupcakes looks so delicious and fun yumyumyum!! Hope you don't get too sick, I'm just recovering from a cold but it wasn't anything too bad

Bow Dream Nation xx

Rosie said...

ahhh yummy cakes!
want one :')

my boyfriends cat is a ninja - he sleeps practicallly upside down :D
Rosie xo

allie said...

that was my favorite movie when i was little and i totally remember wishing i could eat that colored goop too! beautiful cupcakes, now i'm hungry!!

Erin Dawn said...

Haha, "pulling an exorcist!" I love the wording. <3

Hopefully you don't get too sick :/ I remember in the beginning of my pregnancy I caught a nasty flu bug and was bed-ridden for a long time. :(

The Cookie Button said...

Oh no! I do hope you get better soon. Being ill sucks :(
Yay for beautiful cakes!

Elora said...

@ Chance - You definitely should bake, especially with your little one. It makes for wonderful creativity and messes. :D haha I'm sure you'd had fun. Just grab a box of Betty Crocker, and away you go :P~

@ Odd - Wow! They actually do look cute a lot alike. Morris has some pretty predominant Ms on his forehead, but besides that the colouring and size looks pretty dead on. :D Long lost brothers? lol

@ Hannah - I think it's the time of year for colds. It seems like everyone I know has gotten something. My little brother had to go on antibiotics. Where is spring damnit? :P~

Glad you are better though!

@ Rosie - Haha! I love it. Cats are the best :D

@ Allie - Ahhhh *sigh* Being a kid was great wasn't it?

@ Erin - hehe <3 Ahh geez, as if pregnant chicks don't have enough to go through, lets throw the flu on top and see how that goes? Sorry to hear that happened. Thankfully I'm actually feeling a bit better *phew*

@ Button - Thanks sweets! <3

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